Night Rating Handbook
Night Rating Handbook
Night Rating Handbook
Night Rating Handbook
Night Rating Handbook
Night Rating Handbook

Night Rating Handbook

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Congratulations on making it to night rating training! SharpeAero’s Night Rating Handbook contains concise content and beautifully simple, full-colour diagrams. We design our books to be fast and easy to read with a focus on the practical side of flight training and leave additional theory for ground school and other resources.



Be as prepared as possible for night rating training by having all relevant information in one place in an easily digestible format. Review this content before ground sessions and flights to save yourself time and money on the ground and in the air.



Ensure your students have the materials needed for success. This handbook will allow your students to have all relevant information for night rating training for review outside of ground and flight sessions. It also allows you to have a quick reference guide while training your students for their night ratings.



Night Rating Handbook is a great way to inject consistency into your training operations with modern, up-to-date night rating training materials for both your flight instructors and your students.



  • Full-colour diagrams

  • Training plan

  • Point-form layout and writing style helps you learn quickly and find information with ease

  • Comprehensive coverage of night flying considerations including night rating requirements, human factors, aerodrome lighting, preparation for flight, ground operations, flight operations, instrument flying and NAVAIDs

  • Content focuses on major points, keeping additional theory for ground school

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Rui P.
Canada Canada
Well organized and easy to read.

The layout of the handbook is well organized, sequential and informative. The nice thing is that it is all in one place as opposed to looking at different documents to organize a lesson. Well done. Highly recommend this handbook.

  • Customer's role: Flight Instructor
Mark H.
Canada Canada

Material stated concisely and well organized. Can be used as a full study guide or simply to clear up areas of confusion. Well worth the price.

  • Customer's role: Flight Instructor
Morgan K.
Canada Canada

Appreciate the clear and concise order of the information! The pages provide some of that information that may be assumed to be known or is taught briefly while offering graphics that give a clear idea of what is being explained

  • Customer's role: Flight Instructor
Canada Canada
Practical and Easy to Digest!

Love how this handbook presents all information in forms of diagrams and bullet points! Comparing to reading a traditional textbook with columns and columns of words, this handbook helps me to absorb all the knowledge efficiently and hard to forget, so I am feeling more prepared and confident for my flight lessons!

  • Customer's role: Student Pilot
Chris B.
The Night Rating Handbook will be required reading for all my students.

Are you interested in flying at night? The Night Rating Handbook encapsulates all the must-knows of getting a night rating in Canada. As usual, Jesse Sharpe has written a concise and entirely practical guide in an extremely easy to read (and digest!) format. As an instructor since the 1990s, let me give you a suggestion: Compare the price of this book to just one hour of dual ground instruction time with your instructor. Arguably, you will have everything you need to know for success in your night rating training and your instructor will be pleased that you have mastered the required knowledge for safety and success. Instructors, are you teaching the night rating to your students? We all know how it can be a challenge to prepare our lessons and present the material well and in an organized fashion. Regarding the night rating, my advice is for you to buy this book as a guide to present the necessary threshold knowledge to your students. In fact, why not help out a fellow Canadian instructor like Jesse and recommend this book to your students? The Night Rating Handbook will be required reading for all my students.