Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook
Flight Instruction Handbook

Flight Instruction Handbook

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Welcome to the exciting world of flight training and instruction! This is not a textbook, but rather a practical flight-training handbook, specifically designed for daily use. It takes on a unique design perspective, foregoing aviation’s tradition of lengthy, theory-saturated texts and complex diagrams, and instead focuses on minimalism and streamlined information delivery. Flight Instruction Handbook offers comprehensive pre-flight preparation for basic and advanced flight training exercises, and was created for flight instructors, flight school management and student pilots.




Flight Instruction Handbook takes away the grunt work of creating an entire curriculum worth of lesson plans and includes everything you need to get started or continue as a flight instructor. It is a comprehensive yet concise set of preparatory ground instruction lesson plans.



As a student pilot, you can review the content your instructor will be covering before each lesson, helping get you in the air sooner, ultimately costing you less time and money on the ground.


Flight Instruction Handbook is the best way to stop using outdated and incomplete hand-me-down preparatory ground instruction lesson plans, and start using a modern training regime. It ensures consistent, complete and up-to-date pre-flight training in terms of Transport Canada’s Flight Instructor Guide for all of your instructors and students. 


  • Comprehensive coverage of exercises 1-24 in Transport Canada’s Flight Instructor guide

  • Full-colour handouts for complex and problem-area exercises

  • POH page references and summaries for C172 s-model & C152

  • Point-form, lesson-plan writing-style helps keep instructors & students efficiently on track 

  • Exercises focus on major points, keeping additional theory for ground school

  • Recommended ab initio training progression plan / curriculum

  • Summarized RPP, PPL & CPL flight test guides and licensing requirements

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Canada Canada
Excellent Resource

Amazing product! currently in the process of getting my Class 4 Instructor rating and this book is like having cheat codes! especially for the PGI's. Great layout, simple, and to the point.

  • Customer's role: Student Pilot
Rizalyne p.
Canada Canada

This book is really great at explaining the exercises in simplest term after reading the wordy textbook of FTM. This book and what the procedures told by your instructor is a combination when you’re at home doing chair flying. It makes me become more prepared when I’m coming in for my dual. Saves you lots of money by not doing the same exercises over and over again.. although it might not be the same aircraft as you’re training on -just change the values based on your aircraft and you’ll be good to go! Thank you for existing!

  • Customer's role: Student Pilot
Rudy H.
Canada Canada
Well laid out text

I have so far just skimmed through the book. I found the lay out clear and to the point. Beginning flight instructors may need some expansion of some points, but for most, it can be used as a PGI reference as is. Well done!

  • Customer's role: Flight School Management
Chris B.
Canada Canada
A Great Resource for Flight Instructor Candidates

While aimed at the flight school student, I also recommend the Flight Instruction Handbook to my flight instructor candidates. The book is a phenomenal resource to help develop lesson plans for students. The outlines and illustrations are very useful and straightforward. The Flight Instruction Handbook will help students save time and money by pointing out and emphasizing the “must know” information.

  • Customer's role: Flight Instructor
Sam R.
Canada Canada

This handbook is excellent in assisting flight training for PPL, especially if you fly a 152 or 172. My flight training for PPL sped up significantly after purchasing this book and studying the procedures. It's effortless to read and follow. The visuals included are a massive help in gaining a better understanding of each procedure. I would highly recommend this book to any new pilots!

  • Customer's role: Student Pilot