Our Story

To create modern, thoughtfully-designed flight training resources.


Our Founder, Jesse Sharpe, comes from a unique intersection of disciplines. After transitioning from tech-consulting to aviation, he quickly realized his past design and business experience as a Design Strategist could be used to improve the aviation materials commonly used in training and general aviation. This is where the first of many iterations began on SharpeAero’s kneeboard templates.

As Jesse began his flight instructor rating, he noticed another gap in the aviation materials available to him. There was nothing suitably designed for flight instructors to reference during ground training with their students, or to use to help build their own lesson plans during training for the flight instructor rating. Understanding this problem as he was creating his own PGI lesson plans is where the Flight Instruction Handbook was born, and when SharpeAero came to life.

Now SharpeAero proudly offers training and general aviation materials for pilots, by pilots, which were all born from real need experienced by their creators. We offer foundational training materials required for your PPL and CPL licence, the night rating, and even a variety of flight planning and organizational kneeboard templates.