Our Story


SharpeAero makes the practical aspects of flight training faster and easier for student pilots and flight instructors with our simple, focused and concise flight training resources.

We believe that flight training resources should be kept as simple as possible, lending to our easy to understand content and minimalist diagrams. And since SharpeAero focuses on the practical aspects of flight training rather than diving deep into theory, brevity becomes an apparent aspect of our flight training content.


Aviation is a relatively old industry. Sometimes industries with a rich and long journey, like aviation, can get caught up in a particular way of thinking, using the same approaches to solving problems year in and year out. Naturally, a highly technical and engineering-like mindset has prevailed throughout aviation's history. So, it is no surprise that this complexity-focused paradigm has also found its way into many of the flight training resources available to student pilots and flight instructors in Canada today. This often leads to overcomplicated diagrams and lengthy content compared to what the flight training environment really needs. So, what if there was a better approach to creating flight training resources?

This is the question that our founder, Jesse Sharpe, asked himself as he began his own flight training journey. Having just left his career as a Design Strategist working in custom software consulting, he entered the world of aviation with fresh eyes and a different approach.

After years of feeling dissatisfied with the flight training resources available to Canadians, he decided it was time to put his past experience in design-thinking back to work. It was time to create flight training resources that really took into account the needs of those using the resources. That meant simple, focused and concise content to make flight training easier and faster.

Now SharpeAero proudly offers flight training resources for pilots, by pilots, which were all born from real-world experience. We offer foundational training materials required for the private and commercial pilot licences, the night rating, a variety of flight planning and organizational kneeboard templates, and 14 flight training posters adapted from our books.


Jesse Sharpe is the 2021 recipient of Aviation Solutions’ Chief Flight Instructor’s Award for his work with SharpeAero. Jesse comes from a unique combination of backgrounds, pulling from expertise in both aviation as a Flight Instructor & Airline Pilot, and from his previous career as a Design Strategist. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, majoring in Knowledge Integration, minoring in Management Studies, and specializing in Collaborative Design, and completed his flight training at Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. During his flight training, he received awards for having the highest combined score for the commercial pilot licence written exam and flight test, as well as the highest score on the instructor rating written exam.